Greater Manchester One-Day AI Conference – A Consortium of AI Thinkers

Under the esteemed guidance of the University of Bolton, President and Vice Chancellor Professor George E. Holmes, the groundbreaking AI Consortium, themed “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence,” is scheduled to convene on June 7, 2024. This pivotal one-day event aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

Alongside keynote speeches by esteemed speakers and a panel discussion on emerging AI trends, the Consortium will feature the inauguration of the Centre of Intelligence of Things, signalling a significant milestone in AI research and development. Moreover, the event will facilitate inter-faculty talks and collaboration, providing a unique opportunity for experts from various disciplines to come together, exchange ideas, and explore synergies in AI research and application. Through networking sessions with industry leaders, Student Union, participants will have the chance to forge meaningful connections, potentially leading to impactful partnerships and collaborations.

Ultimately, the AI Consortium represents a visionary initiative to propel the field of AI forward, leveraging collective expertise and fostering collaboration across faculties, with the goal of advancing innovation and shaping the future of artificial intelligence. According to Sam Johnson, the head of School of Arts and Creative Technologies “The more cross-fertilisation of activity that goes on between Schools the better”

Please visit the Centre website for more details

We look forward to your participation and valuable insights.

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