Information and Network Security

In an increasingly interconnected world, the paramount importance of information and network security cannot be overstated. This sub-theme in the Centre of Intelligence of Things, “Information and Network Security,” embarks on a crucial journey to delve into the pivotal role that cybersecurity plays in shaping and safeguarding the domains of healthcare, medical health, engineering, and sustainability. Our expedition is rooted in a fundamental vision—to fortify the digital frontiers that underpin these interrelated spheres. In an era marked by unprecedented data generation, storage, and sharing, the imperative to secure critical information, protect sensitive patient data, intellectual property, and sustainability initiatives has never been more pressing. Within this exploration, we will illuminate a set of ambitious aims, goals, and targets that illuminate the path forward. Our mission is to ensure the robustness of information security in healthcare, the fortification of network security in engineering practices, and the safeguarding of data integrity in sustainability endeavors.


  • Enhancing Data Security in Healthcare: Strengthen information security measures to safeguard sensitive patient data, medical records, and healthcare infrastructure against cyber threats.
  • Securing Engineering Innovations: Bolster network security in engineering practices to protect critical infrastructure, research data, and intellectual property from cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Cybersecurity for Sustainability: Promote robust cybersecurity solutions to safeguard data integrity, privacy, and sustainability initiatives, ensuring the resilience of eco-friendly practices.

Our objectives include the fortification of healthcare data protection, the establishment of resilient network security in engineering, and the unwavering commitment to secure sustainability data. These aspirations collectively mirror our dedication to creating a future where cybersecurity stands as a formidable shield against digital threats and an enabler of safe, secure, and sustainable progress. As we embark on this vital journey, we invite you to join us in the quest for knowledge and the preservation of data integrity. Together, we shall navigate the complexities of information and network security, striving towards a future where digital landscapes remain steadfast in the face of cyber challenges, ensuring the safety and sustainability of our interconnected world. Welcome to the realm of “Information and Network Security.”


Healthcare Data Protection

  • Implement advanced cybersecurity protocols of healthcare institutions to protect patient data, achieving a [specific percentage] reduction in data breaches by [2030].

Engineering Security Excellence

Establish a secure network infrastructure for [specific percentage] of engineering projects, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches, resulting in a [specific percentage] reduction in cybersecurity incidents.

Safeguarding Sustainability Data

  • Ensure the security of sustainability-related data in [specific number] regions or industries, aiming to prevent data tampering and security breaches.


Resilient Healthcare Infrastructure

Enhance the cybersecurity resilience of [specific number] healthcare facilities, with a focus on preventing disruptions in healthcare services due to cyberattacks.



Protected Patient Data

    Achieve a zero-tolerance approach to data breaches in healthcare, with [specific percentage] reduction in data breaches across healthcare institutions by [2030].

Cyber-Resilient Engineering

Showcase the successful implementation of network security measures in [specific number] engineering projects, with zero data breaches and a [specific percentage] reduction in cybersecurity incidents.

Secure Sustainability Initiatives

    Ensure the integrity of sustainability-related data across [specific number] industries or regions, with zero incidents of data tampering or breaches by 2030.

Uninterrupted Healthcare Services

    Prevent any disruptions in healthcare services due to cyberattacks in [specific number] healthcare facilities, guaranteeing uninterrupted patient care.


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