Centre of Intelligence of Things (CIoTh)

Welcome to the Centre of Intelligence of Things (CIoTh), an interdisciplinary research center where innovation converges with intelligence. We are dedicated to advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence with related domains such as IoT, big data, network security, robotics, medical applications, and more. Our mission is to foster collaborative research, bringing together experts from diverse fields like AI, IoT, Robotics, Security, and data analytics. At CIoTh, we are committed to exploring and pushing the boundaries of intelligent AI to the benefit of the society, contributing to the cutting edge of technology. Join us on this exciting journey where knowledge meets innovation.

Dr Celestine Iwendi

Head of Centre

The CIoTh serves as a hub for collaborative research, development, and education, fostering partnerships between academia, industry, and government agencies. It provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, and students to exchange ideas, conduct experiments, and develop cutting-edge solutions that leverage AI technologies to enhance the capabilities and intelligence of IoT, Big data, and robotic systems.

The primary goals of the CIoTh include:

  • Research Advancements
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Education and Training
  • Collaboration and Networking
  • Publications
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The publications from the CIoT contribute to the research community and industry by disseminating knowledge, driving innovation, and promoting the responsible and effective use of AI in IoT ecosystems.

They can be accessed through the center’s website, academic journals, conference proceedings, or other relevant platforms.

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Themes of research

  • AI and Sustainability
  • AI and Medical application
  • Internet and Intelligent of Things
  • Big Data Applications
  • Information and Network Security
  • Robotics Design and Applications.
  • Games and Society Impacts
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A hub for research, innovation, education, and collaboration

The Centre of Intelligence of Things (CIoTh) serves as a hub for research, innovation, education, and collaboration in the field of AI-driven IoT systems. By leveraging the expertise of multidisciplinary teams and fostering partnerships, the center aims to advance the development and application of intelligent IoT technologies to address societal challenges and drive economic growth.

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