International Collaborations

International collaboration with the Centre of Intelligence of Things (CIoTh) at the University of Bolton offers a unique opportunity for global partnerships in the realm of AI, IoT, and related fields. The CIoTh, as an interdisciplinary research center, actively seeks collaboration with international institutions, organizations, and experts in various areas.


  • Research Collaboration

    Joint Research Projects: Collaborate on research initiatives that explore the application of AI in IoT, data analytics, security, and robotics.

    Cross-disciplinary Studies: Foster joint research efforts spanning AI, IoT, computer science, engineering, robotics, and data analytics.

    International Workshops: Organize workshops or symposiums that bring together researchers from different countries to exchange insights and findings.

  • Academic Exchange

    Faculty and Student Exchanges: Facilitate exchanges of faculty members and students to promote cross-cultural learning and research.

    Dual-Degree Programs: Explore the creation of dual-degree programs that provide students with international academic experiences.

    Guest Lectures and Seminars: Invite international experts to deliver lectures and seminars on AI, IoT, and related topics.

  • Industry Engagement

    Collaborative Projects with Industries: Partner with global companies to work on real-world IoT and AI projects.

    Internship and Training Opportunities: Create avenues for students and researchers to gain international exposure through internships and training programs with industry partners.

  • International Funding and Grants

    Seek international grants and funding opportunities to support collaborative research projects and initiatives.

    Apply for joint research grants and awards offered by international funding agencies.

  • Conferences and Symposia

    Participate in international conferences and symposia related to AI, IoT, robotics, and data analytics.

    Host international events and conferences to showcase the CIoTh’s research and promote global networking.

  • Knowledge Exchange

    Create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices in AI and IoT.

    Develop online resources and databases for international researchers and students.

International collaboration with the CIoTh aligns with the center’s mission to advance knowledge and innovation in intelligent IoT systems. By partnering with international institutions and experts, the CIoTh can further its interdisciplinary research efforts, contribute to the development of AI-driven solutions, and address global challenges related to IoT, big data, and robotics. The CIoTh welcomes collaborations that transcend borders, fostering a rich ecosystem of ideas, creativity, and innovation in the world of IoT and AI.