Deeper Insights Founder and CEO as Second Keynote Speaker!!

We are glad to confirm as one of the Keynote Speaker the Founder and CEO of TOP AI Company in United Kingdom for the Greater Manchester One day AI Consortium Event Titled “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence” at the Centre of Intelligence of Things (CIOTH) University of Bolton on June 7th. Jack Hampson, the Founder and CEO of Deeper Insights, leads a team of dedicated data and AI experts. Their mission revolves around enabling organizations to leverage AI’s potential for transformative purposes, performance enhancement, innovation unlocking, and societal betterment. With close to a decade of expertise in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing, Jack has spearheaded the establishment of Data Science and Engineering teams in the UK and nearshore locations. Additionally, they have successfully implemented production-ready Artificial Intelligence solutions for both enterprises and scale-ups, delivering cloud-based AI solutions at scale.

Before assuming the role at Deeper Insights, Jack founded and later divested a consumer software app business and a prosperous consumer electronics venture spanning Asia, Europe, and the USA. Through these endeavors, they amassed valuable insights into product design and manufacturing, supply chain management in Asia, and the establishment of sales channels across Europe and the US, utilizing distribution partners and direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms.

In their capacity as a Dealmaker for the Department for International Trade (DIT), Jack plays a pivotal role in identifying, validating, and mentoring passionate deep-tech founders seeking to establish and expand their businesses within the UK. Recognized as one of Forbes’ top 10 entrepreneurs, Jack’s expertise extends beyond business leadership to encompass keynote speaking engagements and advisory roles within the UK government.
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